Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ball three, take your base

Cameron Maybin was the beneficiary of a major umpiring snafu last night when he was awarded a walk on what should have been ball three in his at bat in the fifth.

Usually a mistake like that would be as big of a deal, except, Maybin can around to score the only run of the game in a 1-0 Padres win over Seattle.

Maybin didn’t directly reference the incident on his twitter (@cammaybin) but did have one tweet following the game.

“What a weird night but a wins a win,” he tweeted.

Reaction  from the Mariners has been minimal. Shawn Kelley (@shawnkelley23), a pitcher for the Mariners who is currently on the DL made a reference to it whole showing support for starting pitcher Doug Fister.

“Chalk up another tough loss for doug!! #3ballWalks,” Kelley tweeted.

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