Saturday, July 2, 2011

That was sooooooooo 8 hours ago

Reggie Bush is getting into women’s soccer.

In their match against Columbia today, the US women looked strong and Bush was getting pretty fired up about it. The only problem is he was watching the game replay on ESPN Saturday night, nearly eight hours after the match had been played in Germany.

Bush presumably jumped into the match while it was already underway.

“Watching USA women's soccer team dominate right now! Let's go girls! USA USA USA!” Bush tweeted.

Moments later the US scored one of three goals in the match and Bush let all of his followers know what had actually happened much earlier in the day.


The best part is, many of his followers didn’t know the game was played this morning either, with some tweeting him back asking for the score.

Finally after tweeting, “USA Women's dominating in style! Power House!” some people started letting him know the game was a replay.

“Oh this is a replay? Ha ha! Oh well it's the first time I'm seeing it!”

That was his last tweet of the night.

Hey Reggie, Super Bowl XXXI is about to start on the NFL Network. My money is on Green Bay. Wanna take me up on it?

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